Piercing Perfection, Unveil Your Style

  • Double Medusa Piercing

    Double Medusa Piercing

    The double medusa piercing involves two holes placed vertically just above the upper lip, in the philtrum region of the nose, instead of a single one as in the medusa piercing. It allows you to combine different jewelry styles. However, you need to ensure that the piercing would look good on your face shape before…

  • Medusa Piercing

    Medusa Piercing

    In the medusa piercing, the skin above the center of the upper lip is perforated. To be more specific, the location of this lip piercing is the philtrum region of the nose just below the septum. That is why it is also known as the philtrum piercing. While the piercing looks cute due to its…

  • Double Septum Piercing

    Double Septum Piercing

    In a double septum piercing, the septum is pierced at two points instead of one as in a septum piercing. It allows you to flaunt two separate pieces of similar jewelry, adding to the coolness of your looks. It also allows you to combine two different styles of jewelry as per your choice.

  • Septum Piercing

    Septum Piercing

    This type of nose piercing involves the piercing of the septum, which is the partition between the two nostrils. The placement of the piercing is at the sweet spot or columella, that is, the part of the septum lying between the cartilage and the front of your nose. The standard gauge size is 14G or…

  • Double Industrial Piercing

    Double Industrial Piercing

    A double industrial piercing consists of two industrial piercings, one placed below the other. It looks trendy and stylish and adds a lot of attention to your ear piercings. Accessorize them right to ensure all eyes are on you whenever you are in the company of people or public view. You can also go a…

  • Industrial Piercing

    Industrial Piercing

    In this cool piercing, the upper cartilage is pierced at two points horizontally. Then a straight barbell or wire is passed through both the holes to connect them. It is also known as the horizontal industrial piercing.  Stars like Kylie Jenner have made this ear piercing a trend that is followed by many. Even if…

  • Vertical Industrial Piercing

    Vertical Industrial Piercing

    In a vertical industrial piercing, the piercing passes vertically through the upper and lower ear cartilage. However, there can be a variety of placements of the couple of holes that make up this pretty variation of the industrial piercing.

  • Double Tragus Piercing

    Double Tragus Piercing

    In a double tragus piercing, you would have two perforations in your tragus instead of a single one. It gives you the opportunity to flaunt two different jewelry pieces, but you should have a fairly prominent tragus to allow you to get this piercing done. Sometimes, the vertical tragus and surface tragus piercings are also…

  • Surface Tragus Piercing

    Surface Tragus Piercing

    This piercing is done vertically through the skin adjacent to the cartilage of the tragus. Therefore it is also known by the name vertical tragus surface piercing. It looks extremely cute with the ends of barbells sticking out of it. It is nothing but a surface piercing done at the side of the tragus of…

  • Tragus Piercing

    Tragus Piercing

    The tragus piercing involves a perforation done through the little flap of cartilage that is an extension of the face and covers the opening of the ear canal partially. Though it boasts of a low rejection rate, its location near the bacteria-ridden ear canal makes it prone to irritation and infections. With proper care, however,…

  • Triple Tragus Piercing

    Triple Tragus Piercing

    If you have a fairly large tragus, you could get a triple tragus piercing. It is a series of three holes placed vertically or in the shape of a triangle on the tragus. Deck it up with curved barbells and studs of different sizes and designs. You could even mix and match earrings on your…

  • Vertical Tragus Piercing

    Vertical Tragus Piercing

    In this type of tragus piercing, the perforation passes through the tragus cartilage vertically. This piercing can only be done if your anatomy allows it. It is also known by the name sideburn piercing. However in most of its current forms, it is made to resemble a surface tragus piercing since the pain is much…

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