4 Lobe Piercings

If you have a bigger ear lobe and are open to experimenting, you can go for a fourth piercing. It looks elegant, classy, and makes you stand out in the crowd. Adorn it with gems and diamonds for an appealing party look.

4 Lobe Piercings

Pain Scale: 2.5/10

Expect a little more pain than the standard lobe piercing as the fourth piercing approaches the harder upper part of your ear.

Healing Time

A quadruple lobe piercing takes around 6-8 weeks to heal.


You can choose an earring set for the 4 lobe piercings or buy individual earrings and mix and match for a unique look. There are single earrings that are designed for fitting on all the 4 holes. Studs are the go-to jewelry for it. The quadruple piercing also looks good with ear hugging hoops.

Four Lobe Piercings


The price you got to pay for the piercing would be around $10-$60.

Quadruple Lobe Piercing
4 Ear Piercings on Lobe
4 Lobe Piercings and 1 Cartilage
Four Ear Lobe Piercings






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