Bridge Piercing

The bridge or earl piercing is a surface piercing done horizontally through the bridge of the nose, between the eyes. Though it appears to pass through the nasal bone, it just pierces the skin. It looks cool and trendy and makes you stand out in the crowd. It is quite a rage with the younger generation though people of any age can flaunt it in style.

Bridge Piercing

How Is It Done

The piercer pinches the skin in the area and passes the needle straight through. Some may also place a clamp on the nose for accuracy.

Pain Scale: 4/10

Despite its location in a sensitive part of the face, it scores low on the pain scale. It is because the piercing passes through an area that doesn’t have many nerve endings. You can expect a little swelling in between the eyes and some discomfort afterward.

Healing Time

Bridge piercings usually take around 6-12 months to heal. It could be longer in some cases. The outer part of the piercing may appear to be healed while the inner part is yet to heal. So you should always consult your piercer before stopping aftercare or changing jewelry.

Bridge Piercing Scar
Small Bridge Piercing


  • Soak a clean paper towel in a saline solution and hold it to the piercing for 3-5 minutes. It flushes the piercing of dirt and kills harmful bacteria. Do the saline compress 2-3 times a day for best results.
  • Ensure that the bridge area of your glasses or sunglasses don’t catch on the bridge piercing jewelry. Also, be extra careful while putting on or taking off your glasses to avoid interfering with the piercing.
  • Don’t apply makeup or face products anywhere near the piercing since they contain chemicals that can cause irritation and subsequent infection or jewelry rejection.
  • Since this type of nose piercing doesn’t run deep into the flesh, jewelry rejection is common. So if you notice the holes growing, red or flaky skin around the piercing or find that the jewelry has moved, take it out immediately to prevent scarring.


The best jewelry for this piercing are small, curved barbells since they nicely match the shape of the nose reducing the risk of rejection. You can go for ones with spikes or gemstones but remember that heavier jewelry may lead to rejection. Straight barbells should be avoided as they press against the holes. Surface bars lend the piercing a unique look.

It is possible to wear a captive bead ring on the piercing though it causes some pressure on the hole. So it is better to go with D-shaped captive bead rings to prevent migration caused by ring-related pressure. Choose jewelry made of hypoallergenic material like gold, stainless steel and titanium to reduce the risk of infection and rejection.

Nose Bridge Piercing
Bridge Piercing Jewelry


The cost of getting the piercing is around $50 since you would want to get it from a piercer who is experienced in surface piercings.


  1. Vertical bridge piercing
  2. Double bridge piercing


What is bridge piercing jewelry length or size?

The recommended barbell length for this piercing is ½”-5/8” depending upon the width of your nose. There is no need for getting an extra-long bar for this one as bridge piercings are not known to swell a lot during healing.

What is the bridge piercing gauge?

The standard gauge for the bridge piercing is 14G or 12G.






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