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  • Outer Conch Piercing

    Outer Conch Piercing

    The outer conch is located in the upper ear cartilage and looks attractive with a large hoop gracing the edge of the ear. The procedure, pain, healing time, aftercare, price are all similar to a conch piercing. As with an inner conch piercing, you can have double and triple outer conch piercings allowing you to…

  • Triple Conch Piercing

    Triple Conch Piercing

    A triple conch piercing allows you to flaunt three separate jewelry pieces and looks gorgeous at special events and parties. You can stack the three holes, one on top of the other or place them horizontally in a series. You can have it as a part of a cartilage cluster or just sport it solo.…

  • Rook Piercing

    Rook Piercing

    This piercing is done to penetrate the rook ridge that is the fold of cartilage located directly below the upper rim of the ear. It has a vertical orientation with both the entry and exit holes appearing in front of the ear. So if you wear a curved barbell on it, both its ends would…

  • Faux Snug Piercing

    Faux Snug Piercing

    A faux snug piercing is the combination of a conch and a helix piercing placed in such a way so as to resemble a snug piercing. The pain is relatively less and the healing time is also shorter and more comfortable than a standard snug piercing.

  • Snug Piercing

    Snug Piercing

    The snug piercing is done in the anti-helix part of the ear, adjacent to the ear canal. That is why it is also known as the anti-helix piercing. The inner ear counterpart of the helix piercing involves the perforation of both the inner and outer ear cartilage. The unique piercing would make you stand out…

  • Orbital Piercing

    Orbital Piercing

    If you adore the looks of cartilage piercings like the conch, rook, snug and tragus but are put off by their excessive healing time, you can try the orbital piercing that looks as stylish but has a shorter healing duration. It is a combination of two holes placed close to each other with a single…

  • Transverse Lobe Piercing

    Transverse Lobe Piercing

    A transverse lobe piercing, also called a horizontal lobe piercing, involves two punctures at the bottom part of the earlobe. A professional piercing artist usually does it with a 14 or 16 gauge needle. Though it runs a higher risk of infection, the piercing is a hit with teenage girls and even men. The angle…

  • Orbital Lobe Piercing

    Orbital Lobe Piercing

    An orbital lobe piercing can be done in any part of the earlobe with a tiny hoop as the basic jewelry. It is a combination of two holes that are connected with a single piece of jewelry. The perforations can pass from the front to the back of the ear or vice versa. You can…

  • Upper Lobe Piercing

    Upper Lobe Piercing

    The upper lobe piercing is done in the upper part of the ear lobe. The simple piercing looks best when paired with the standard lobe piercing. You can have up to three piercings in this region of the ear. Adorn it with the right jewelry for a dainty and chic look.

  • 4 Lobe Piercings

    4 Lobe Piercings

    If you have a bigger ear lobe and are open to experimenting, you can go for a fourth piercing. It looks elegant, classy, and makes you stand out in the crowd. Adorn it with gems and diamonds for an appealing party look.

  • Triple Lobe Piercing

    Triple Lobe Piercing

    Adding a third piercing to your lobe ups the glam quotient. 3 lobe piercings are not just for the ‘Bohemians’ or the ‘rebellious’. You would find them on teenagers and older women as well. You can have triple ear piercings on one ear or both the ears for a symmetrical appearance.

  • Double Lobe Piercing

    Double Lobe Piercing

    In a double lobe piercing, there is a second hole usually beside the standard lobe piercing. It allows you to show off some fun and fancy jewelry. Though there is not always a need to have earrings on both of them, it allows you to showcase two separate jewelry pieces. The second piercing is done…