Daith Piercing

The daith piercing is done through the innermost fold of the ear cartilage. When you decorate this piercing with jewelry, it seems as if the earring is coming out of the ear canal, lending your ear a stunning look. Though the piercing is thought to alleviate migraine pain and anxiety, there is no research to back the claim.

Daith Piercing

How Is It Done

The puncture is done with a straight needle that is passed directly through the center of the cartilage fold. It takes about 6-9 seconds to get over with the daith piercing – a longer time than other ear piercings. It is followed by inserting the jewelry of choice.

Pain Scale: 6/10

Though it is not counted as one of the most painful piercings, it can cause high levels of pain and discomfort during and after the piercing. It is because of the thickness of the cartilage at that location and the difficult-to-reach position. Even after the procedure gets over, you are likely to expect redness, throbbing and sensitivity for a few days.

Daith and Tragus Piercing
Daith Piercing Stud

Healing Time

It takes around 6-9 months to heal – a long time compared to ear lobe piercings but similar to other cartilage piercings.

Cleaning and Aftercare

  • Soak the piercing area in a cup filled with sea salt solution for 3-5 minutes. Then pat dry with a paper towel. You should do this 2-3 times a day.
  • If you find it difficult to dip your ear in a sea salt bath, you can soak a paper towel in the said solution and hold it to your piercing for 3-5 minutes, 2-3 times a day.
  • Don’t sleep on the piercing or put pressure on it as it heals.
  • Don’t touch or move the jewelry.
Daith Piercing Earrings
Heart Daith Piercing


Curved barbells and captive bead rings are the best jewelry for the daith piercing. Both the jewelry types sport beads that look pretty peeking out from the daith. Since the piercing is located on the inner side of the ear, colored beads and stones would add an element of interest. Clickers with flat prongs are also popular jewelry styles. Heart-shaped earrings look cute and unique on this piercing. If your piercing is a part of a cartilage cluster, you can wear plain seamless rings that don’t overwhelm the other piercings.

Daith Piercing Jewelry
Daith Ear Piercing


The price of getting the piercing can be anything between $50 and $100.


Though it is not that common, few people have gone for a double daith piercing that looks cool with rings of different sizes for a concentric effect.


What gauge is a daith piercing?

The standard daith piercing gauge is 16G.

When can I change my daith piercing?

You can change it only after the piercing has healed completely. It is advisable to get your piercing checked by your piercer before changing the earring.

What size earring for daith piercing?

Usually, hoops having their inner diameter in the range of 8mm-10mm would fit comfortably in your daith piercing.

How to soak a daith piercing?

For the saltwater bath cleaning step mentioned above, you need to choose a cup size that fits your ear and completely submerge the piercing area in it.

How to clean a daith piercing with antibacterial soap?

You can wet the piercing, put a few drops of antibacterial soap on it and work it into a lather with a cotton bud. Leave on for 2 minutes and wash off before air drying.

When can I sleep on my daith piercing?

We don’t recommend sleeping on it till it has healed completely, but if it can’t be avoided, you can sleep on it after 2 months.

Which ear to get daith piercing for migraines?

People with migraines have found relief by piercing the ear on the side that they mostly get a headache.

Can you put a septum ring in a daith piercing?

No, it is not recommended.






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