Double Conch Piercing

A double conch piercing offers you the opportunity to sport two separate jewelry pieces on the couple of piercings done in the conch area. There should be enough space between the two holes so that the jewelry filling them don’t touch each other. You should decide on whether you want multiple conch piercings before getting your first conch piercing. The holes can be stacked vertically or placed horizontally according to your preferences.

Double Conch Piercing


You can beautify the piercing with hoops as well as studs. Rings encircle the ear, giving a wrapping around effect while sparkly studs flaunt a simple yet pretty look. Captive bead rings, curved and circular barbells are other popular choices.

Double Conch Piercing Jewelry
Double Conch Piercing Hoop
Double Conch Piercing Ring
Double Conch Piercing Stud






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