Double Helix Piercing

For the double helix piercing, two piercings are done through the upper cartilage in the same position as the helix piercing. The two holes are placed one above the other. There should be enough space between the holes to enable easy removal of jewelry without disturbing the integrity of the ear. Though many opt for getting both the piercings in a single sitting with the piercer, it is advisable to get one piercing at a time since you would have to worry about the healing of only one at a given time.

Double Helix Piercing

Pain Scale: 6/10

This one could get pretty painful as it involves pushing a sharp needle through the upper cartilage twice. If you are coming back for the second hole after the first one has healed, it would pain a little less.

Double Helix Ear Piercing
Double Helix Piercing Hoops

Healing Time

Healing could take around 4-6 months. In some cases, it could even take a year.

Double Helix Piercing Studs
Tragus Double Helix Piercing


Studs and hoops look pretty on a double helix piercing. You can make it look unique by decorating it with a spiral earring. Other favorite options are straight and curved bars. A great idea would be to flaunt a stud in one and a ring in another.

Double Helix Piercing Jewelry
Double Helix Piercing Men


The minimum price of a double helix piercing is $60. It could go as high as $100.






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