Double Industrial Piercing

A double industrial piercing consists of two industrial piercings, one placed below the other. It looks trendy and stylish and adds a lot of attention to your ear piercings. Accessorize them right to ensure all eyes are on you whenever you are in the company of people or public view. You can also go a step further and flaunt a triple industrial piercing that is a collection of three industrial piercings, one placed below the other.

Double Industrial Piercing

Pain Scale: 8/10

The pain is more than a standard industrial piercing since it involves four perforations instead of two. If you want to come back for the second industrial piercing after the first one has healed, the pain would be lower.

Double Industrial Piercing Jewelry
Cross Industrial Piercing


Straight barbells are the jewelry of choice for this piercing, though you can wear studs and rings on them as well. If you want, you can cross the two barbells in which case the piercing is known as a cross industrial piercing.

Double Industrial Ear Piercing
Triple Industrial Piercing Jewelry






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