Double Lobe Piercing

In a double lobe piercing, there is a second hole usually beside the standard lobe piercing. It allows you to show off some fun and fancy jewelry. Though there is not always a need to have earrings on both of them, it allows you to showcase two separate jewelry pieces. The second piercing is done at least 8 mm away from the first hole so that the jewelry on them do not touch each other.

Double Lobe Piercing

Pain Scale: 2/10

If you already have a lobe piercing, the second piercing would pain a lot less. If you don’t have an existing lobe piercing and are opting for getting both of them at the same time, it would be a bit more painful and the area could get swollen.

Healing Time

The piercing needs around 6-8 weeks to heal. It is almost the same as an ear lobe piercing. If you just had a standard lobe piercing, you might have to wait for it to heal before getting the 2nd one.

Styling it with Jewelry

Studs, circular rings and bead rings look cute on this piercing. The combination of a hoop on the standard lobe piercing and a stud on the 2nd piercing is classy. You can also sport two small hoops on the duo. Or, keep it simple by wearing a couple of sparkly studs on the two piercings. You can also pick a single piece of jewelry that can go through both the holes. Though sporting the piercing on both the ears looks attractive due to its symmetry, you are free to experiment by having it on only one ear. 

Classy Double Lobe Piercing
Double Lobe Piercing Earrings
Second Lobe Piercing

Vertical Lobe Piercing

If you are just starting out on ear piercings, you can try the stacked look of a vertical lobe piercing that is a second hole located above an existing lobe piercing. It offers a great option to balance out an earlier ear lobe piercing that wasn’t done properly. Also known by the names double vertical lobe piercing and stacked lobe piercing, this is not suitable for people having small ear lobes. You should have at least 8 mm of space between the two holes.

Vertical Lobe Piercing
Vertical Piercing Ear Lobe
Stacked Lobe Piercing
Double Vertical Lobe Piercing
Vertical Double Lobe Piercing


The cost of getting a double lobe piercing is approximately $10-$60.

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