Double Septum Piercing

In a double septum piercing, the septum is pierced at two points instead of one as in a septum piercing. It allows you to flaunt two separate pieces of similar jewelry, adding to the coolness of your looks. It also allows you to combine two different styles of jewelry as per your choice.

Double Septum Piercing

Pain Scale: 6/10

It has a higher pain level since it involves puncturing the septum twice instead of once. Some people want to get over it in a single sitting, while others want to get one piercing at a time for better care during healing and less pain.

Double Nose Piercing Septum
Double Nose Ring Septum Piercing


As with the septum piercing, the popular jewelry styles for the double septum piercing are horseshoe barbells, captive bead rings and hoops. You can have a bigger ring in the inner hole and a smaller one in the outer one for a pretty concentric jewelry look.






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