Double Tragus Piercing

In a double tragus piercing, you would have two perforations in your tragus instead of a single one. It gives you the opportunity to flaunt two different jewelry pieces, but you should have a fairly prominent tragus to allow you to get this piercing done. Sometimes, the vertical tragus and surface tragus piercings are also referred to as the double tragus piercing.

Double Tragus Piercing
Double Surface Tragus Piercing
Tragus Double Ear Piercings

Pain Scale: 7/10

Needless to say, it hurts more than the standard tragus piercing. We recommend getting both the perforations at the same time as the second one would hurt much less as your ear is still recovering from the shock of the first one.

Double Tragus Piercing Pictures
Double Tragus Piercing Hoop


Studs are best suited for this piercing. You can flaunt floral studs and gemstones on the piercing.

Double Tragus Piercing Jewelry






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