Industrial Piercing

In this cool piercing, the upper cartilage is pierced at two points horizontally. Then a straight barbell or wire is passed through both the holes to connect them. It is also known as the horizontal industrial piercing.  Stars like Kylie Jenner have made this ear piercing a trend that is followed by many. Even if you have small ears, this piercing attracts a lot of attention for its unique placement. The distance between the holes is determined by your piercer, depending on the shape of your ear.

Industrial Piercing

How Is It Done

The piercing is usually done with a 14G needle though it can be pierced with a 16G needle as well. For the first hole, the hollow, sterilized needle passed through the cartilage from the outer side of the ear and through to the inner side. Next, it is passed from the inner part of the cartilage through to the outside of the ear for making the second hole. That is followed by inserting the industrial bar jewelry.  

Pain Scale: 7/10

The pain level of this piercing is almost the same as other cartilage piercings. However, you can expect a little more pain and tenderness in the first few weeks than a single cartilage piercing since it is a combination of two piercings.

Industrial Bar Piercing
Industrial Ear Piercing

Healing Time

The standard healing time of this piercing is 2-3 months. But it could take longer. You should consult your piercing artist before stopping aftercare practices to ensure that the piercing is fully healed.

Cleaning and Aftercare

  • Soak some cotton in a saline solution and dab the piercing area with it gently twice a day.
  • Keep mobile phones, hair and hair products away from the piercing.
  • Don’t put pressure on the jewelry by sleeping on it
  • Avoid touching it as much as possible.
Industrial Piercing Jewelry
Industrial Piercing Men


The most common earrings for this piercing are straight barbells. Industrial barbells with charms at their center look pretty on it. However, you can make quite a style statement by decking it with an arrow, trident or heart-shaped barbells, snake, butterfly, dragon, Hello Kitty, spiral, sword or safety pin industrial bars. Chain earrings look hot on it, while rose or flower industrial barbells allow you to flaunt a cute feminine look.

If you want it to look like a standard cartilage piercing, you can decorate it with a couple of dainty studs or rings. The studs can have flat or ball backings. Hoops add a lot of appeal to the piercing. Choose high-quality metal like gold to avoid skin sensitivity and jewelry rejection. Diamond studs and earrings can lend some sparkle to your ears. Earrings with colorful beads and stones are a great jewelry idea.


The price of getting the piercing is about $55, excluding jewelry. With jewelry, it would cost you around $90 – $100.


  1. Vertical industrial piercing
  2. Double, triple and cross industrial piercings
Industrial Piercing Earrings
Arrow Industrial Piercing


What is the industrial piercing barbell size?

The barbell size for the industrial piercing is usually 1.5”.

When can I change my industrial piercing?

Your industrial piercing can be changed after it has healed completely.

Should I twist my industrial piercing?

You shouldn’t twist your industrial piercing while it is healing.

How old should you be to get an industrial piercing?

The minimum age requirement for getting the industrial piercing is 16 years in most piercing studios.






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