Inner Conch Piercing

The inner conch piercing is located in the lower ear cartilage and looks stunning when decorated with a cartilage stud. The procedure, pain, healing time, aftercare, price are all similar to a conch piercing. You can have this piercing as a solo cartilage piercing style or have it as a part of a cartilage cluster. You are free to experiment with different jewelry styles with this piercing.

Inner Conch Piercing


Though most people like to wear studs on the inner conch, it looks equally cute with a small hoop. A ring in the piercing wraps around the outer part of the ear and looks beautiful.

Inner Conch Piercing Jewelry
Inner Conch Ear Piercing


  • Double inner conch piercing has a couple of piercings in the same location separated by adequate space to show off two different pieces of jewelry.
  • Triple inner conch piercing, as the name suggests, allows you to sport 3 different earrings in the inner conch area. It would look cute with 3 hoops in a series. The piercer would leave sufficient space between the piercings so that the earrings on them don’t touch each other.
Inner Conch Piercing Hoop
Inner Conch Piercing Ring
Inner Conch Piercing Stud
Inner Conch Piercing Pictures






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