Medusa Piercing

In the medusa piercing, the skin above the center of the upper lip is perforated. To be more specific, the location of this lip piercing is the philtrum region of the nose just below the septum. That is why it is also known as the philtrum piercing. While the piercing looks cute due to its unique placement and lip contouring abilities, bear in mind that it requires a lot of care during healing and you run the risk of eroding your teeth and gums as the jewelry rubs against them frequently. If the piercing goes wrong, it could affect the facial symmetry as well.

Medusa Piercing

How Is It Done

The puncture is done in one swift motion with a lubricated needle that is passed from the inside of the mouth to the outside. It is followed by inserting the jewelry of choice. The ball or bead is placed on the jewelry after removing the needle.

Pain Scale: 5/10

Since the lips and the area surrounding it has more nerve endings than the other parts of your body, you are likely to experience a sharp pain but only for a split second when the needle pierces your skin. There can be some throbbing accompanied by swelling after that that could last for the first few days. Keep in mind that the medusa piercing is known to hurt more post the piercing procedure.

Diamond Medusa Piercing
Piercing Medusa

Healing Time

Depending on the maintenance of a proper aftercare regimen, the healing time ranges from 6 to 12 weeks. If you are diligent enough with the cleaning and care, you would find your medusa piercing to heal within 6 weeks only. The outside of the piercing heals pretty fast while the deep inner tissue takes a considerably longer time to heal and close up.

Cleaning and Aftercare

  • If you have any sticky or dry crust or blood clinging to the outside of the piercing, clean it gently by dabbing it with a cotton ball dipped in warm water. You should never try to pull the dirt off with your hands.
  • Then soak the area in a saline solution for 30-60 seconds to sterilize it properly.
  • Finish cleaning the piercing by gently blotting it with some more warm water ensuring that the entire saline solution is rinsed away.
  • Dab it dry with a clean paper towel. Avoid using fabric towels as they can spread bacteria to the piercing. The above steps should be performed regularly as the wound heals.
  • Be very careful while eating and drinking to ensure that the punctured area is not irritated as your lips and insides of your mouth move around.
  • Completely avoid smoking during the first week at least to prevent the seepage of harmful chemicals into the piercing.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption as it can damage the healing tissue and dry it out.
  • Avoid swimming for the first couple of weeks due to the chemical content of the water in most pools.
Medusa Piercing Jewelry
Medusa Lip Piercing


The initial jewelry is typically a labret stud with the ball sitting outside the skin. You can also opt for lip studs with charms screwed to the front or bars for a cool look. The material should ideally be gold or platinum to avoid skin irritation during healing. It would be a good idea to choose jewelry that is internally threaded as that prevents snags and tears in your skin. A small diamond stud would add sparkle to your lip piercing, while a flower or heart-shaped stud would look classy and feminine. Opal studs are another dainty option. You can also decorate the piercing with plain or captive bead rings. The combination of a septum ring or hoop above a bejeweled medusa piercing looks hot.


Depending on the location of the piercing studio and the experience of the piercer, the cost of getting this piercing would vary. Usually, you can expect to shell out $40-$80 for it.


  1. Double medusa piercing
Small Medusa Piercing
Medusa Piercing Hoop


What is medusa piercing size?

The starting jewelry for the medusa piercing has a 16 gauge size.

What is the length of medusa piercing?

Typically the bar length for a medusa piercing is 3/8”






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