Orbital Lobe Piercing

An orbital lobe piercing can be done in any part of the earlobe with a tiny hoop as the basic jewelry. It is a combination of two holes that are connected with a single piece of jewelry. The perforations can pass from the front to the back of the ear or vice versa. You can get both the piercings done at once or separately. You can pair the cool piercing with an existing constellation piercing for a stunning effect. You can also use it to separate your first and second ear lobe piercings.

Orbital Lobe Piercing

Pain Scale: 4/10

The pain factor depends on your pain tolerance and the skill of the piercer. If you have an existing lobe piercing, you could feel more pain for this one.

Healing Time

The piercing usually takes around 6-18 weeks to heal.


It is important to get the right size jewelry for this piercing. A ring too large or small could cause the holes to migrate or result in jewelry rejection. Ball closure rings and smooth segment rings would be your best bet. You can also go with horseshoe rings, segment rings, circular barbells, and heart rings.

Orbital Lobe Piercing Jewelry


The price of this piercing is around $30-$100. The cost varies with the parlor and the piercing professional.

Orbital Piercing Lobe






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