Surface Tragus Piercing

This piercing is done vertically through the skin adjacent to the cartilage of the tragus. Therefore it is also known by the name vertical tragus surface piercing. It looks extremely cute with the ends of barbells sticking out of it. It is nothing but a surface piercing done at the side of the tragus of the ear. Since the jewelry lies just under the skin, it suffers from a high rejection rate since the body perceives it as a foreign object.

Surface Tragus Piercing

Pain Scale: 5/10

This piercing scores low on the pain scale as it passes through the soft flesh only and not any cartilage.

Healing Time

The standard healing time is 3-9 months. It can take longer than that.

Piercing Tragus Surface
Ear Piercings Surface Tragus


You should clean the piercing with antibacterial soap and warm water twice a day. Using sea salt solutions and sprays are also good aftercare practices.


The initial piercing jewelry is a surface bar with size ranging from 18G to 14G. The length of the jewelry would depend on the ear’s anatomy. After it has healed, you can decorate the piercing with straight and curved barbells.

Surface Tragus Piercing Jewelry
Double Tragus Surface Piercing






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