Triple Helix Piercing

The triple helix piercing involves three punctures in the upper outer ear cartilage, with sufficient space in between so that the jewelry don’t touch other. It is advisable to opt for only one piercing at a time, as you would only have to worry about the healing of a single piercing at any given time. This piercing allows you to flaunt three different styles of jewelry.

Triple Helix Piercing

Pain Scale: 7/10

The piercing could cause a lot of pain if all the 3 holes are made at once. If you are coming back for a perforation only after the first one has healed, the pain experienced would be much less.

Triple Forward Helix Piercing
Triple Helix Piercing Studs

Healing Time

It could take around 5-8 months to heal. In some cases, the healing time could even run into a year.

Triple Forward Helix Ear Piercing Jewelry
Triple Helix Cartilage Piercing


Hoops are the jewelry of choice for this piercing though studs also look attractive on it. You can make quite a style statement by sporting a spiral earring on the piercing.

Triple Helix Ear Piercing
Triple Helix Piercing Hoops


You might have to shell out anything between $90 and $150 to get a triple helix piercing.






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