Triple Lobe Piercing

Adding a third piercing to your lobe ups the glam quotient. 3 lobe piercings are not just for the ‘Bohemians’ or the ‘rebellious’. You would find them on teenagers and older women as well. You can have triple ear piercings on one ear or both the ears for a symmetrical appearance.

Triple Lobe Piercing

Pain Scale: 2/10

The ear lobe has few nerve endings and is super fleshy which makes its less painful when pierced.

Healing Time

Healing takes around 6-8 weeks that is the same as any other lobe piercing.


Suitable jewelry are studs, hoops, cuffs, wraps, chains, threaders, stitch style earrings and so on. You can even buy a set of three earrings for your triple lobe piercings. It helps in matching the color and tone of your earrings. You can also buy the earrings individually and mix and match.

3 Lobe Piercings
Third Lobe Piercing

Triangle Lobe Piercing

As the name suggests, this is a group of three piercings on the ear lobe, in the shape of a triangle. The triangle lobe piercing looks elegant, classy and dainty, easily catching people’s eyes. A gap of about 8 mm between the holes that form the base of the triangle and about 5 mm between the base and the hole at the top would be ideal.

Triangle Ear Lobe Piercing
Triangle Lobe Piercing
Triple Triangle Lobe Piercing


The cost of a 3rd lobe piercing could be anything in the range of $10-$60.

Three Lobe Piercings
Triple Ear Lobe Piercing
3rd Lobe Piercing
3 Ear Piercings on Lobe
3 Ear Lobe Piercings
Classy Three Lobe Piercings






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