Upper Lobe Piercing

The upper lobe piercing is done in the upper part of the ear lobe. The simple piercing looks best when paired with the standard lobe piercing. You can have up to three piercings in this region of the ear. Adorn it with the right jewelry for a dainty and chic look.

Upper Lobe Piercing

Pain Scale: 3/10

If you go for this piercing, you will experience pain lower than the other types of ear piercings but slightly more than the standard lobe piercing.

Healing Time

It takes about 2-4 months to heal.


High Lobe Piercing
Upper Ear Lobe Piercing

Studs in various designs are the “it” jewelry for a high lobe piercing. They look cool when combined with standard ear lobe piercing that is adorned with a hoop. Small rings would also look good on it.

How Much Does it Cost

The upper lobe ear piercing can cost you around $50-$60.

Double Upper Lobe Piercing
Two Upper Lobe Piercings






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