Vertical Industrial Piercing

In a vertical industrial piercing, the piercing passes vertically through the upper and lower ear cartilage. However, there can be a variety of placements of the couple of holes that make up this pretty variation of the industrial piercing.

Vertical Industrial Piercing

Pain Scale: 8/10

It scores high on the pain scale since the cartilage is quite rigid at its location, having many nerve endings. The pain may vary depending on the placement of the piercing.

Vertical Industrial Piercing Jewelry
Industrial Vertical Piercing


Just like the industrial piercing, the most common earring to flaunt on this piercing is a straight barbell. You can beautify the piercing with various designs of the straight barbell like arrow, snake, Hello Kitty, dragon and heart styles, to mention a few. A trident bar looks hot in a vertical industrial piercing though it requires you to have three holes in your upper ear cartilage instead of a single one.






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