Vertical Tragus Piercing

In this type of tragus piercing, the perforation passes through the tragus cartilage vertically. This piercing can only be done if your anatomy allows it. It is also known by the name sideburn piercing. However in most of its current forms, it is made to resemble a surface tragus piercing since the pain is much less.

Vertical Tragus Piercing

Pain Scale: 7/10

The vertical tragus piercing is more painful than a regular tragus piercing as two perforations are made instead of a single one.

Vertical Tragus Surface Piercing
Vertical Tragus Piercing Picture


Banana barbells are the best suited for the vertical tragus piercing. You can also beautify it with straight barbells.

Vertical Tragus Piercing Jewelry
Vertical Tragus Piercing Image


The cost of getting this piercing would be around $80-$100.

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